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Longing for an adventure are you? Here are the 15 best adventure sports you can enjoy in India.

India is a land of diverse culture, with stark contrasts wherever you go. Just like their diverse culture the land is also home to the most contrasting of the geographical features that you can find anywhere in the world. India is home to the towering and freeing Himalayas in the north, the tricky Western Ghats, The scorching Rajasthan deserts in the west to the most beautiful lagoons of Kerala in the south. Few countries in the world can boast of such diversity. With its great landscape, India offers a wide variety of options for Adventure sports enthusiasts. The sport has begun slow to catch up but now is booming with even foreign adventure sports enthusiasts coming to get a crack at it.

“Until you step into the unknown, you don’t know what you’re made of.”

― Roy T. Bennett

So are you ready to know what you are made of?. Let’s find out the 15 best places where you can enjoy it.

Mountain biking

Mountain biking is probably the most famous among the adventure sports not in India but probably in the world as well. India is home to the most fantastic of trails in the world and it is hard to imagine a better place with the variety that India offers in terms of biking experience. From the forest trails through stunning backcountry landscape into freezing dry old fashioned mountain trails India has it all. Most of the trails are exploratory ones through the forests, especially the ones in the north. These trails are usually not that far away from towns meaning the support and safety is always there.

Singalila Ridge, West Bengal

West Bengal with its greats forests are hills are always a hotspot for trekking enthusiasts. Now the trails are a great big favorite among the Mountain biking society. Chief among them is the Singalila Ridge, with its great beautiful landscapes and rocky trails.

Pang to Rumtse, Ladakh

Ladakh has always been the favourite destination of any motorcycle riding enthusiasts. With its rocky terrain and treacherous roads, it offers a great thrill to any Mountain biker, the best road trip to Leh Ladakh. The Pang to Rumtse offers the best possible ride with its complex challenging trails with a great balance of splendid natural beauty.


The most famous among bike trails, Sikkim trails are the most sought out of the bike trails in India. It offers a great chance for many to meet with their people of common interest as well enjoying a great biking experience.


The longing to fly has been among human beings since time immemorial. Where the airplanes don’t provide the true experience of that freedom, paragliding does. The sport is now experiencing a great liftoff in the recent years. Let us know about certain attractions that India has to offer in this segment

Bir, Himachal Pradesh

Himachal offers the best and the most splendid views that India has. With its great mountains and hills, it is the hotspot of paragliding in India and the chief among them is the Bir. Famous for hosting the first ever Paragliding world cup, Bir is a truly a place to visit.

Stok Kangri, Ladakh

Famous for being among the most challenging of trekking trails, Stok Kangri gives you one of the best experiences in paragliding once you are up there. Gliding through the skies you can witness the true beauty of Mother Nature one.

Kamshet, Maharastra

The most accessible of all paragliding sites in India, Kamshet is the paragliding hub of the north. With delighting views it the ideal place for amateur gliders.

Water sports

India is home to many rivers and consequently has a lot of rapids. Water sports is ideally enjoyed much in the northern part of the country in states in Uttarakhand, Himachal etc., where the high ranges offer for great rapids.

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Apart from being a religious hub, Rishikesh is home to India’s best rapids. River rafting is one of the most celebrated sports in the state. The white rapids of the Ganges offer a great challenging experience in river rafting.


Famous for the parties, booze, churches Goa is the most tourist attracted spot in the whole of the country. It’s extravagant and exquisite beaches is truly a site worth viewing. With all these natural beauty Goa is a great place for jet-skiing, surfing etc.,

Devprayag, Karnataka

After River rafting and jet-skiing, kayaking is one of the most famous of the water sports. Devprayag in Karnataka is the ideal place for kayakers with the water of river Kali offering calming and challenging rides.

Scuba diving

Andaman Islands

The biggest cluster Islands of India, Andaman Islands are truly nature’s greatest gift. The beauty of its corals have come to the limelight quite recently and with each passing day the amount people visiting has only increased.

Lakshadweep islands

Scuba diving in Lakshadweep islands is great for people who want to take a break from great crowds. The waters and the sight is truly a calming experience.

Netrani, Karnataka

Situated in the mainland, scuba diving here is great for amateurs with lot of experienced schools and experts offering equipment and advice.


Zanskar, Jammu and Kashmir

One for the true warrior, Zanskar trials in the district of Kargil is one of the most challenging treks in the world. With great many gorges and cliffs the satisfaction of conquering is indescribable.

Shepherd’s trail, Himachal Pradesh

It is among the few treks that are seasonal. With great challenging features the trails is littered with breathtaking views making it worth the effort.

Dodital, Uttarakhand

Based around the serene Dodital Lake, this is one the most relaxing of the treks in India. There are even multiple trails around each with its own story and experience.

Final word

Life poses many questions at you, it is your duty to find it and in a right way. Let the world, nature teach you the true meaning of it. Let Adventure be the way and guide for you.

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